#Women Enterpreneur Cell

Women Enterpreneur Cell

In order to provide inspiration, enthusiasm, and support to women for starting their own businesses, incubation centers play a crucial role in cities and towns. Satna Incubation Center, with the objective of fulfilling these goals, is establishing a Women Entrepreneurship Cell, which will help women in Satna become capable in the field of entrepreneurship. It will also provide women with entrepreneurship-related information, resources, and training. Here, women will be given guidance, knowledge, and training for their business, including essentials for startups. Additionally, the center will provide women with information about financial requirements and government schemes to fulfill their financial needs.

Nirmatri Satna - Women Entrepreneur Cell


In the global economy, the position of women is not rapidly increasing. In this changing scenario, many women do not want to work for others but instead have the desire to start their own businesses. That is why several government schemes are being implemented in the country to promote entrepreneurship among women. Entrepreneurship not only provides women with the opportunity to stand on their own feet but also helps in the development of the country's economy. In addition to other fields, entrepreneurship is also a good option for women. It enables women to establish their identity in society.


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