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Pickup Executive


₹10000 Full_Time

Job Posting Date:2023-06-16 12:10:57

Job Summary: Pickup Executive for Kabadiwaale The role of a Pickup Executive at Kabadiwaale is vital in ensuring efficient collection of recyclable waste from customers. This position involves coordinating pickup schedules, engaging with customers, and maintaining a smooth logistics process. The job summary for a Pickup Executive at Kabadiwaale includes the following key responsibilities: 1. Collection Coordination: Schedule and coordinate pickups of recyclable waste from designated locations, such as residential areas, businesses, and institutions. Ensure timely and efficient collection, optimizing routes to maximize productivity. 2. Customer Interaction: Interact with customers in a professional and friendly manner, addressing any queries or concerns they may have regarding the pickup process. Provide excellent customer service and maintain positive relationships with customers to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. 3. Waste Segregation and Handling: Properly segregate and handle the collected recyclable waste to ensure adherence to waste management guidelines and safety protocols. Take necessary precautions to prevent any damage or contamination during the collection and transportation process. 4. Documentation and Reporting: Maintain accurate records of collected waste, including the type, quantity, and location of pickup. Prepare regular reports on collection activities, highlighting any challenges or noteworthy observations to improve operational efficiency. 5. Vehicle Maintenance: Ensure that the assigned collection vehicle is properly maintained, cleaned, and in good working condition. Report any vehicle issues promptly to the relevant department to facilitate necessary repairs or maintenance. 6. Adherence to Safety Guidelines: Comply with all safety guidelines and regulations while performing collection duties. Use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow established safety protocols to mitigate any potential risks or hazards. 7. Team Collaboration: Coordinate with other team members, such as drivers, supervisors, and administrative staff, to ensure seamless communication and coordination for pickup activities. Collaborate effectively to meet daily targets and operational goals. 8. Continuous Improvement: Actively contribute to process improvement initiatives by providing feedback and suggestions based on customer interactions and operational experiences. Seek opportunities to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in pickup operations. Requirements: - High school diploma or equivalent qualification. - Valid driver's license and clean driving record (if responsible for driving collection vehicles). - Strong communication and interpersonal skills. - Ability to handle physical tasks and lift heavy objects as required. - Knowledge of waste segregation practices and recycling guidelines is desirable. - Prior experience in waste management, logistics, or a related field is an advantage. The role of a Pickup Executive at Kabadiwaale is crucial in ensuring smooth and timely collection of recyclable waste, contributing to the company's mission of promoting waste segregation and recycling practices.